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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old July 26th, 2020, 01:45 PM
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Default Tales from the Crypt of a DayWalking Vampiya

With JA taking a -4% hit from GDP annually due to criminality alone...Seaga's legacy as the #1 Garrison Creator must make him responsible for at LEAST HALF that leakage of national income. That's ~US$350M (much more when compounded ) in annual losses from a Duppy.

US$350M is near half the net retained income from the entire tourist industry

Since Seaga's "Shower Posse" exported his Tivoli Model of Violence & Drug Dealing to the US/UK/Canada and other places...the Vampiya is a demon that even when dead...keeps on killing.

Even this Forum has a Shower Posse Rep... in the fellow calling himself Bricktop...AKA Diptop...who's posting away like a Dummy Deported Tribalist

Edward Seaga and the institutionalisation of thuggery, violence and dehumanisation in Jamaica

Source: The Tribune
Horace Campbell
Jun 17, 2019

Edward Seaga will be remembered, as a man who advanced thuggery, violence and dehumanisation in the Jamaican society and who left the office of Prime Minister devoid of dignity, authority and values.

The island of Jamaica has achieved international notoriety, as a space of unbridled violence and as one of the main hubs for the trans-Caribbean and trans-Atlantic drug networks within the illicit global economy. These features of Jamaican society developed rapidly after 1980 when Edward Seaga became the fifth Prime Minister of Jamaica. As the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) from 1974 to 2005, Seaga was associated with the refinement of a mode of politics that garrisoned poor Jamaicans into areas controlled by political contractors. Seaga was born in Boston in 1930 and died peacefully in Miami, Florida in May 2019.

In the ensuing 89 years, his insecurity—as to his identity and his wish to be accepted, as part of the Jamaican ruling oligarchy—sent him into a career to be an expert on Jamaicans of African descent. Edward Seaga and the JLP mobilised Jamaican workers against their own interests in organisations that guaranteed his success, as a political entrepreneur. One organisation that has been linked to Edward Seaga was the deadly Shower Posse that wreaked murder, violence and drug running in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The historical record now attests to the fact that this organisation was integrated into the networks of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States when the USA moved to destabilise the Jamaican society in the 1970s. [[1]]

Elements from these same networks were to later name Seaga, as involved in drugs in congressional hearings and in court cases in the United States. Names such as Lester Cole also known as ‘Jim Brown,’ Claude Massop, Vivian Blake, Cecil Connor also known as Charles ‘Little Nut’ Miller, and Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke are forever etched into the political history of thuggery, violence, money laundering and drugs in Jamaican society. Edward Seaga was dependent on these gunmen within the polity and in the process undermined the office of Prime Minister and left this position in Jamaica devoid of dignity, authority and values.

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

D1 - Xposing Dummies since 2007

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