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Old May 15th, 2019, 02:20 PM
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He signed all of those players and two out of the lot have been major failures - Sanchez and Fred. The others have been mediocre. However, so what. Any coach coming into that set up would need an extended time period to right that mega-liner. He has to shoulder some of the blame for his buys, especially Sanchez, but those huge missteps are also testament to haphazard scouting system that's at the club.

Lindeloff took some time adjusting to the premiership and now he's being talked about as being the next club captain. Bailly had a good first season until he went off to play in the ANC and got injured. He came back and like the others, fell under the Pogba spell. Dalot was bought as future right back replacement, plus he came to us injured. Lukaku, despite his poor control, was our leading goalscorer in his first season. Matic, in his first year was almost named our player of the season.

People keep harping about the amount of money spent to buy players and I say that's irrelevant to a club that has the spending power of Manchester United. Pep Guardiola spent a bag of money on players since he's been at Manchester City, and many have been misses too. Danillo, Mahrez, Mendy, Stones and Jesus cost a combined total of over 250m and are not getting regular football. The difference is that he's been able to achieve his goals in a much shorter time because he'd inherited a much stronger squad to start with. Nobody dissects Real Madrid's over-the-top spending throughout the years. PSG shovels money on players and are yet to win or even reach a CL finals. Stoke City can win the French League.
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