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Old July 30th, 2017, 09:42 AM
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Default Melted SnowBall and The Dummy Dilemma

The JFF's ~20 year policy of massive English imports (AKA SnowBall) to staff Jamaica's national senior team has collapsed...spectacularly. This is a salutary event of course as it allows room for more intelligent ideas to be heard re Jamaican football development.

If SnowBall had somehow lucked into a random WC qualification ...we would have been stuck with that anti-development folly for another 2 minimum.

Billed by the JFF and its Dummy Crew of supporters as "the solution" to Jamaica's football, SnowBall has seemingly melted away...for the time being. The JFF (apparently) has shifted to what should ALWAYS be their priority: Focusing on leveraging the talents & drive of Jamaicans at or from home. Such a focus will assist in inspiring young players with the dream of national representation. Great! That dream was a gloomy nightmare under SnowBall

Time will tell whether or not this (apparent) new JFF focus will yield a meaningful national youth development system. Perhaps we'll find out after the JFF leadership issue is settled. We await the controversy that settlement may provide

With the utter failure of SnowBall at WCQ and its (unintended) consequence of neutering any youth development drive for 2 decades...its supporters face a quandary. This Dummy Dilemma is exacerbated by the success of the current, hurriedly assembled Jamaican squad in the Gold Cup.

How do Dummies react to this terrible SnowBall tragedy? Do they man up to its collapse and be penitent? Or do they double down on excusing/defending/ignoring their fcukery? Some evidence is emerging...And I comment by paraphrasing:

* HL: Oh this Gold Cup thing is nothing to get excited about. Didn't we get to the final before this? It's early days still

* Lazie: Scrap school football! Where is this talent y'all are on about?? LOL

So the tack some SnowBall supporting Football Dummies take:

* One totally downplays & belittles the big achievement of the current set of locally-bred players... and by extension our brilliant coach/tactician...Top Tier Tappa

* The other doesn't really address the success...but changes the subject to school football & assorted nonsense with more Dummy Talk

* To date neither has the guts to acknowledge SnowBall's utter failure...or renounce their support for that rubbish policy's hard for some to eat crow...but...NYAM DAT!! wooooiiiee mi belly!!

Fortunately...D1 is here to put things in proper perspective

Gwaan Tappa!!!

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

D1 - Xposing Dummies since 2007

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