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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old December 30th, 2019, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Assasin View Post
The fact is anywhere there are strong middle class family education is better. Even in the states. Where someone in the family have a decent education they normally encourage their kids to do better.

We keep on talking about education but any statistic will show you that district, or parishes where education is more appreciated, kids do better regardless of the field. How do you expect kids to do well, without lunch or breakfast or eating Bulla or bun which is pure sugar and flour? How do you expect kids to do better skipping gunshot to school? I gurantee you if most Jamaican family had a decent income they have a better education.

Yes a better system is needed but it takes more than just a better system, a better society. We have to give family a better income, move some of those kids out of their unhealthy living to boarding schools where they are monitored and taught life skills.

Signapore invested in education but they invested in making a better society a long time ago and both goes hand it hand. That is why they flourish today.
Absolutely correct... The issue is what do informed people PRIORITIZE in JA now and how do they ACT NOW to spark a progressive national agenda for progress??

I see nuff empty yappin, partisan politicking, sport & music worshipping, fancy car & house indulging and criminal supporting among "educated" Jamaicans I've mostly written off such people as hopeless...and focused on changing the trajectory of as many juveniles as early as possible.

Such typical Jamaican "educated class" beliefs and activities - while Jamaica burns and most people continue to suffer - signify a mindset of hypocritical dummies and/or self-indulgent morons.

Mi suss dem out instantly. Change that mindset and Jamaica will change. Change begins and ends in people's brains

Waiting for some Messiah to fix things is a dummy exercise akin to playing Lotto and hoping that'll fix your life

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

D1 - Xposing Dummies since 2007

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