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Old September 5th, 2015, 08:54 PM
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Default The good, the bad, and the hugly!

The Good

A super energised Darren Mattocks who singlehandledly gave our WC campaign some hope.

I know some may disagree with me here, but I thought Austin's distribution was excellent. He showed for the ball and passed brilliantly! His defensive effort was a bit lacking tho. (Unnu know me by now - mi nuh wait pon di experts to tell mi who good or play good.)

The Bad

Hector had a horrible game. Was the ground too hard for his liking? Was that the reason why the ball kept running away from him resulting in him lunging to regain control and resulting in the 3rd goal? When unnu see the very knowledgeable bleachers crowd start boo his every touch... This was not the Hector we warmed to, the careful and safe player. All of a sudden he thought he was a dribble. It failed badly! Two straight games now, Hecky. Pick it up! Wi not going out like dis!

Taxi, the man selected for both Copa and Gold Cup 1st teams, had a very ordinary night.

Starting Alvas was a mistake.

There was no hustle in defence.

Losing to Nicaragua 3-2 is a bad thing. And winning in Nicaragua by 2 clear goals will not be easy!!!

The Hugly
"Da black bwoy deh nuh good!" - spectator behind me blurted after Taxi skied a cross too long. He never uttered even once - "Da red/brown bwoy deh nuh good!" - when presented with many opportunities to do so by Michael Hector.

The constant lay dung pon di pitch by the Nicaraguans is going to ruin the game. If FIFA rules now state - "Attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation)" - and must be sanctioned as unsporting behaviour which is misconduct punishable by a yellow card, then certainly we can give referees the discretion to rule on other cases of feigning injury so as to waste time and wreck the flow of the game. The spectators deserve better!

<Some have referred to simulation as a menace to footballers with real, sometimes life-threatening, injuries or conditions. On 24 May 2012, English FA referee Howard Webb spoke to a FIFA medical conference in Budapest about the importance of curbing simulation in football, as players feigning injury could put players with serious medical issues in jeopardy. Earlier that year, he had to deal with the collapse of Fabrice Muamba, who suffered cardiac arrest during an FA Cup match.> - Clearly, this serious concern could apply to those who fall to the ground on account of some gentle breeze that struck them in the face, in an attempt to waste time.

In my opinion, referees should have the discretion to keep the player off the field for as much as 10 minutes as he receives medical help. I bet that alone would seriously curb this dreadful habit.

Competition disciplinary committees should also be able to revisit video and issue serious fines to players adjudged as feigning injury for any reason whatsover.

Giving referees this discretionay power is not new. Take a look at any World Cup or English league game from the 70s and 80s and you will see referees tell feigning players to get up as they run off and allow play to continue. I have never heard of a ref getting into trouble because he ignored a player who was indeed seriously injured.

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