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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old November 10th, 2019, 12:57 PM
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Default Sum Ting Wong... Critical Thinking Required

Originally Posted by Jangle View Post
Bartlett praises tourism workers
Tourism minister Edmund Bartlett has praised the more than 377,000 employees across the tourism sector for playing a vital role in Jamaica, which is now on track to secure more than a record four million visitors to Jamaica by year end.

“It is projected that by the end of this year, the island will welcome 4.303 million visitors and earn US$3.7 billion. That’s approximately 700,000 more visitors in the last three years and almost double the earnings in the same period,” Bartlett said.
So the guy claims tourism income has "almost doubled" in a mere 3 years. Thanks in no small part to the calamities affecting our competitors since 2015.

Tourism has been JA's "leading industry" for 60+ years When a "normal* country's leading industry doubles income in a short period (and there's no calamity affecting other economic sectors) -- economic growth usually surges. In JA's case growth over said 3 year period remains tepid at <2%/year. That's where it was before this great tourism surge Here's why...

* The world economy has shifted dramatically from the 1960s when low-skill pursuits like tourism could significantly drive backward countries forward. JA is in a 21st century world economy but still structured as and wedded to 1960s-1970s thinking & practices

* As a now widely acknowledged low skill and low value adding industry - JA Plantation Tourism - which bottles up tourists (and their spending) in all-inclusive warehouses - has a relatively low economic impact (esp for a leading industry). This should now be clear - even to dummies

* Maintaining fat tourists in the lifestyle they crave in JA - requires enormous imported goods & services - leading to enormous FX outflows. Energy/Water processing/Capital Goods etc etc. Likely ~65% of tourism income is repatriated abroad. So tourism's economic multiplier effect is very low

* FX outflow issues also includes resort owners (being mainly foreigners & foreign-minded locals) who largely export their all-inclusive warehouse profits to Babylon economies. Their interest in JA is mainly profit-generation - definitely NOT JA development

Tourism is a vital industry in our low skill oriented economy.. JA's current economic structure might be adequate for the 1960s - 1970s ..maybe 1980s
For the 21st century JA has a pathetic economic profile esp with tourism still being the leader after 60 years.

The problem is - most are ignorant of this reality

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

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