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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old May 27th, 2009, 10:24 AM
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Default Remembering the Good Old Days!

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the memorable days of our youth. What are some of the fondest memories that, today, still stand out in your mind?

For me, the fond memories (they are slowly coming back even as I sit here and type) include….

Christmas season memories of assisting my family in whitewashing every stone and tree at the front of our house….

As a high school boy, buying coco bread, patty, and a box drink (chocolate milk, orange drink or fruit punch) every lunch time at school -- without a single school day being excluded…..

Catching those green (were they green; it’s hard to remember right now?) JOS buses from Cross Roads to wherever with my relatives….

Riding one of those ancient buses in “country” and, as the bus sped crazily over narrow mountain roads, praying silently but fervently while wondering if the blasted idiot driver was stone drunk ….

Going to the parish library and borrowing “Hardy Boys” books….

Eating KFC for the first time and immediately becoming hooked….

Buying my first cream-filled “Hostess Cake” at the supermarket and becoming instantly hooked….

Waiting eagerly, as a little boy, for nightfall to watch “Bonanza” and “The Fugitive” and “The Untouchables” (Henry Fonda) and “The Addams Family” and “Teenage Dance Party” (TADP) in glorious black-and-white on JBC television….

Listening to RJR’s Allan Magnus one unforgettable morning trying desperately to read the news in an obviously highly intoxicated state, then after an unexpected advertisement break, hearing another voice take over the reading of the news…. Allan did not read the news for several weeks (or was it months?) after that….

Listening to Charlie Babcock’s (CB) and Dottie Dean and Tony Verity and Marie Garth and Neville Willoughby on RJR, and Jeff Dixon and Winston Williams on JBC radio….

Reading with impatience the debates during the early 1980s on the type of transmission that JBC should use for its soon-to-be color television broadcast….

Going with my mom to market on Friday nights for the weekly food and vegetable shopping….

As a tiny tot, standing at the train station with my family and watching the train carrying the flag-draped coffin of the late Sir Donald Sangster roll slowly by…. It was a couple of years later that I fully grasped what had happened….

As a little boy, seeing the Teen Time Singers (I think that was the name of that youth group) for the first time and watching their brilliant young drummer (Grub Cooper) in action! That is unforgettable....

Watching the immensely talented guitarist Lennox Gordon for the first time at a Rev. V.T. Williams outdoor religious service one night…. To this day Gordon is one of the most brilliant (technically and musically) guitarists I have ever encountered anywhere….

Going to my grandparents’ deep rural community home and getting up with grandpa early in the morning to tie out the goats….

Buying fresh cow’s milk from the truck as it passed my parents’ home in the early hours of the morning…..

Playing the Melodians’ “Sweet Sensation” and Toots and the Maytals’ “Country Road” and Judy Mowatt & the Gaylettes’ “Zippa De Do Da” and U-Roy’s “Wear You to the Ball” (featuring the Paragons) and Tomorrow’s Children’s “ABC Rocksteady” day after day on my turntable without getting tired of listening to those glorious 45 rpm records.….

Changing the radio station every time “Indian Talent On Parade” started….

Changing the radio station every time another Otis Wright or Claudelle Clarke gospel record was played….

Getting the Sunday Gleaner early every Sunday morning and reading John Hearne and Carl Stone and Morris Cargill’s columns….

Watching satellite dish movies for the first time in the early 1980s….

In the 1980s watching “Routes” (was that the name?) with host Roy Brown on JBC television.... Roy Brown’s distinct American accent certainly annoyed one or two middle class Jamaicans.

Eagerly opening The Star to the center spread to look at the bra-less foreign girls portrayed….
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