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Old March 13th, 2019, 07:05 PM
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Default BURYING THE DEAD: The False Gospel according to Paul

A Trinity denotes a doctrine which encompasses three entities, representing a father figure, a son and a Holy Spirit. The entities have symbolic and practical meaning in the practicing of the Christian gospel, to be delivered and received by faith, symbolic in the way form of unity, practical in that it is achieved and practiced through faith. Christians baptize in the name of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Bill Shankly describes his gospel of governance by declaring “At a football club there is a Holy Trinity - “the players the manager and the supporters”, It is the Liverpool way. Shakly dismisses directors as there to only write cheques.We cannot deny that Bill Shankly is the Father of this trinity, where the other branches fit in, is debatable, but what is undeniable is that it is practiced through faith. Shanklys Trinity is lucid.

· Build an unbeatable team
· Let supporters forget their troubles
· Hold each other accountable.

Nowhere does Shankly state “if you don’t support us when we lose, dont support us when we win” It is a false gospel, it is ambiguous, has no standards, designed by heretics ,directors or fifth columnist to throw the Liverpool way out the door. This quote cannot be found on any bonafide Liverpool website, NONE! This Is Anfield website, located in Liverpool with the most supporters which span the world, has no mention of this quote, as this investigative Journalist concludes there is a problem. “Despite extensive research, there is no evidence Shankly ever said it” (Bascombe, 2011). It was found on social media, it is therefore a new gospel to promote a false doctrine, via social media “a quote attributed to the founding father of the modern Anfield, his image emblazoned on a montage on the club’s official Facebook page”. That said my recent search on Facebook has found it to be removed and it cannot be found on the LFC official fan website linked to the clubs website. Also of importance is this false gospel isn’t found on Bill Shanklys website. Most damming this false gospel has been attributed to our most hated adversary Sir Alex Ferguson on a Manchester united fan twitter account. It begs the question if the same person or groups attributing this quote to Shankly are linked to the Man U twitter account , are they indeed Man U supporters ?

The Father- Shankly
Shankly describes true fan support as “More than fanaticism, it’s a religion. To the many thousands who come here to worship, Anfield isn’t a football ground, it’s a sort of shrine” not merely fans he says but “members of one extended family” all this embodied in the gospel of the Trinity.

Shankly goes on to list to clearly state the gospel of Liverpool way, the objectives are.
* I want to build a team that’s invincible, so that they have to send a team from bloody Mars to beat us! (Bill Shankly)
*everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. It's the way I see football, the way I see life
* I was only in the game for the love of football - and I wanted to bring back happiness to the people of Liverpool.'

The Sons- The Managers and Players
*Our job is to make the fans happy. When we win, 45,000 people go home happy. When we lose, it not only affects them, it affects their cats." Gerard Houllier
*Players have responsibilities, because, whether they like it or not, they are public figures. They have to be aware that the people who come to the ground spend fortunes in relation to what they earn." Gerard Houllier
*It was about my staff, the players, our families behind us, the people in Melwood and Anfield, the chairman, the CEO and the directors that gave us support every day, and the fans who were there for us every single minute.( Benitez) On winning the Champions League
* “It’s our job to make them forget their problems for 90 minutes” Klopp
* “I try to be as close as possible to the fans. “Klopp

The Holy Ghost- Supporters
To represent the best interests of our members and by extension the best interests of the supporters of Liverpool Football Club on both the local and international level.
To hold whoever owns the football club to account. (Spirit of Shankly )
David Moores LFC previous owner states that the supporters are the foundation for success at LFC, he states after sacking Graeme Souness the first LFC manager to be sacked in 40 years. “ the decision to sack Souness was made because the results have been well below what is expected by the club and its supporters”
We just want to bring more trophies to the club for these amazing fans. They are the best. We have got just the right man to do that in Rafa." LFC Chairman David Moores.
Ian Ayre reinforced it after sacking Brendan Rodgers Ayre admits Liverpool would be foolish to ignore the mood of supporters on social media, and hinted supporter unrest may have precipitated the downfall of Brendan Rodgers as Reds boss. “When there’s a consistent and common message, either good or bad, then that’s a good indicator,”

The False Gospel
It is written in the Lords book “ if an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed” .It must be concluded, that those who uttered Pauls’ false gospel are cursed heretics. Paul Marin attributes this to Father Shankly,Peter his sidekick supports this, he says “for sure he agrees with it ” he reinforces his point by saying it’s based on Paul’s Liverpool way and those who don’t know of it are ignorant of the Liverpool way”. So I confess I am guilty and if I am guilty so is Shankly, so are the Sons- Houllier, Benitez and Klopp so are the Holy Ghosts- The supporters. This gospel has no foundation in the Trinity, as David Moores says the supporters are the foundation for success, managers are hired with supporters expectations, Ayre says it would be foolish not to consider their thoughts and feelings when he acknowledges their moods. Any gospel without a foundation or born into ambiguity is designed to create failure by unrest. This gospels lacks mention of player’s responsibilities, playing for supporters to forget their problems, winning trophies for fans. No mention of building a team that would require one from mars to beat us. To follow this gospel logic- thirty eight games are played in the season if we win one game for the season support should be given regardless of not meeting Trinity standards.

The Proof
The proof comes from the horse’s mouth Paul says Rockman - support for any manager is support for the owners while they are in the club; but not after they get sacked. Isnt that ambiguity wrapped in mediocrity. Promoted by his manager Brendan Rodgers who sates he has “never been told to deliver top 4”, then you have supporters of the false gospel, that pat each other on the back “Big up yourself Paul. Them expect a manager to come in and replace a legend” Johnny declares, others join in who have no regard for the clubs history or religion Mo states “What Brendan Rodgers does I am in agreeance”.The ultimate proof that their gospel is a false religion is made when Peter the defender of Paul’s Liverpool way consults with H.L, an obeah man that declares Brendan Rodgers is a “good coach” but in need of a crystal ball to determine results concerning Liverpool. HL states “you should have simply asked me to borrow Miss Crystal she knew the results from last week” BLASPHEMY! To reinforce the heretics gospel Paul boldly proclaims “As I said, I have no issue with FSG doing what they choose to do, it's their club...and their criteria with him is unknown to me” No ambiguity here, he asserts he isn’t one with the Trinity, Shankly states the directors’ responsibility. Worse yet he declares he is unaware of a criteria for Brendan Rodger” in total contradiction of the Trinity, at best at war with it. As a so-called fan of the club from 1971, he should have known that Bill Shankley walked away from four managerial jobs before coming to Liverpool, because they would not accept his Trinity.

*Carlisle- accused directors of reneging on player bonuses
*Grimsby- No money to buy new players-(Rafasique)
*Workington- Pitch destroyed by rugby players, directors more concerned with the rugby team to the point of drafting them in the football team
*Huddersfield-Board wanted to sell his best players- (Rafasique)

Heretics on Fire -
Promotion of this heretical doctrine is done by soundbites designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator to divide, if you follow this gospel to its rational logical conclusion it falls off a cliff .This is done by screaming and denigrating those that challenge it, infantile childish bravado of one upmanship, e.g. Since “1971, i have been a LFC -for-life- fan, never declaring for any other” support is measured by years of service instead of deeds by service . Ambiguous decalarations,moving goal post ,foggy statements, statements of pontification, semantics of nonsense ,contradictions ,oxymoronic diarrhea ,degernative irrational conclusions. They come as a legion that are continually casted out into swines’, their gospel is a house divided, They come from or align with the houses of Man City, Aston Villa, etc. preaching this narrative. The truth becomes an offence when pointed out, it is spun by accusation of lack of comprehension on the part of the individual doing the pointing, the hall mark of any true heretic. Make no mistake about it , they will claim any manager as their own, any position of success as their own,after all how else could they burrow into the faith to plant the seeds of destabalixation. But never forget their goals are of
No ambition
No lucid vision
No goals
No unity
No accountability
No Joy by the true fans to forget their troubles

The Trinity lives through Revelation

The truth only survives through revelation , so lets examine the quote and find its truth, if any? “If you don't support us when we lose don't support us when we win”,
Strike 1 * Where was this quote taken from and who presented it on the RBYSC site: Paul Marin from source unknown, attributed to Shankly and Sir Alex
Strike 2 * Quote is to support what? Is it a football game, a netball game, a political argument, a gamblers bet
Strike 3 * Win what, is it any of the above, or something other than? Or is it (a) game instead of the majority required to win a title/trophy or championship.
Three strikes you are out, the quote has no truth in Shanklys, Trinity, it’s ambiguous and without foundation. Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. Well I say, who that transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of the Trinity, hath not Shankly. This Trinity is the gospel according to Shankly, preached by the disciples, Paisley, Daglish, Houlllier, Benitez and Klopp, achieved and believed by true supporters through faith, I am a believer of the gospel are you.


"Bill Shankly in Quotes." Liverpool FC. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2015.

"Liverpool's Visit to Chelsea Would Be a Good Time for Under-fire Striker Andy Carroll to Start Proving His worth." The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2015.

Classic Quotes "Http://" Classic Quotes. N.p., n.d.

Man U Twitter

"Good things come out of the garrisons" after his daughter won the 100m Gold For Jamaica.

"It therefore is useless and pointless, unless it is for share malice and victimisation to arrest and charge a 92-year-old man for such a simple offence. There is nothing morally wrong with this man smoking a spliff; the only thing wrong is that it is still on the law books," said Chevannes.

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