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Old July 10th, 2019, 12:19 PM
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This is the type of mindset that's keeping back JA. You want to hold on to high school football hence you say it will take 50 to 75 mil USD to start JA. You know damn well that's not going to happen.
Nope ...not $50M to start.... $50M to properly equip & prep the ~20 clubs which aspire to a competitive senior football league and which have a shot at developing local talent.

Or perhaps you believe it to be ~$500K? Since you fervently believe in developing clubs why stop at yapping on the internet? Start a foundation to support football

As to HS ball...that program has a 110 year history and is the foundation of the sport in JA. It's not disappearing any time soon nor should it. JA does not have a surfeit of resources to discard anything of value. 100s of kids get a college education out of it. Your idea re HS ball is really weird & uninformed

The first step is to sanction all clubs to have a youth league (No money down!) Next register all in the youth league with the JFF (NO money down!)
LOL!! Explain how this would be a different level vs Manning Cup now. With the same players, the same coaches, same shitty facilities and the same lack of money??????????: Ans: No difference and likely worse outcomes

Why do you think I said Ricketts should go? Do you really think Hotel industry and Grace ( they get a 90 min no cost advertising) will listen to him? He's a middle manager they will brush him off. If Lee Chin comes aboard then it's different story.
So you wish for some tapanaris to come to JA's rescue by investing in football clubs?? Wrong country.
There's zero upside for those folks to invest heavily in zero incentive.

If JA is serious about anything ...the big money should be invested in education above all else incl football

At times I wonder about you. What would you call Stats and physics, pure math? How many times must I tell you that pure mat is the way for AI and modern computing?
No need to wonder. I've been working in this field for a decade. So there is a clear track record...not mere internet yappin.

Would love to hear of your experience in developing effective tech/science programs for under-exposed kids and what outcomes you've recorded. Would love to see their reaction to the lectures on statistics, physics & pure maths which you promote

I've consulted and worked with world-leading experts up to this day on this subject. For a country in JA's backward position I've seen no learned person calling for a focus on those base disciplines

It's clear to all experts that the most effective path for an underdeveloped country seeking a tech breakthrough is to focus on competence in consumer & business-facing technology applications - which can be scaled and assimilated rapidly.

As you appear to have some interest in this area - don't hesitate to post the studies which support your views on pure maths/statistics/physics as a leading education development model for relatively backward countries. I'm willing to learn
The best way to predict the future, is to create it

Caribbean National Robotics Champs - Not a useless Schools Quiz - A School Technology Challenge
Project TEAM Works - Creating Jamaica's 21st Century Workforce

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