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I disagree with most of your post here. OGS came into the job with limited experience, however, Iíve seen tremendous growth in his coaching. One of his biggest achievement to date, is changing the culture of the changing room. For years the club was full of too many high salaries prima-donnas. We are seeing a developing team spirit from the players which is the foundation of title challenges. Now we are seeing the players playing for each other and sharing the ball, albeit a little too much at times.

The modern game demands attacking fullbacks. No successful side in todayís football uses the 4-4-2 formation consistently. The reason for this is the rise of the importance of the flying wingbacks. Cavani looks to be a more effective substitute than a 90 minute player. I believe Greenwood is a number 9 rather than a winger. The problem, however, is that heís not quite ready for the position. He needs to bulk up and also learn more about moving into spaces. Rashford and Martial are right-footed wingers who are more effective playing the same position - left side.

Bruno is the best thing to happen to the club since Ronaldo. He is a hurricane of fresh air. Without him we are nothing and I am worried about our over-reliance on him. If we want attacking football, we have to take a few errant passes from our chief playmaker. Brunoís qualities goes beyond his performance on the field. He is a natural leader of men who possesses a barrel full of humility. I like how heís encouraging Pogba to bring out his best and to become more of a team player.

The Timothy Fasu-Mensah movie is a dud. Weíve been watching that movie for the past six years and itís a failure.
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