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Originally Posted by Westman View Post
Rudi, that is incorrect. He returned after the end of the period which he had agreed to leave. But when he returned, the head of the Board told him it was not advisable for him to be there because the investigation was still ongoing. So he left again. That is what multiple sources, including the head of the Board, had to say.
Ahhh Westman, Westman if you say so. What's normal is not being in the CEO chair while being investigated doesn't require a board to tell you that. It's also not normal to demand reinstatement at your high school gig in the middle of being investigated as Min of Ed.

As I told many of my green bredrin this is actually a good look for the Holness led JLP. It is the reaction to corruption that differentiates you from the orange crew.
That's how you guys should spin it.
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