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Tommy ,Roland,Knibb,Johnny,Striker,Prince Buster and im own bredda ,yuh ah ear mi.Too much man lick out gainst diss bredda.The only man who hug im up and promote im as any foundation man is Eddie Seaga, Historian and H.L .Incidentally Dynamic sounds was known as WIRL and owned by Seaga,another criminal who sold it to im brethren who renamed it as such.

A suh it set and history has recorded it as such

2020 - Mi naaah argue wid nuh madman.

"Good things come out of the garrisons" after his daughter won the 100m Gold For Jamaica.

"It therefore is useless and pointless, unless it is for share malice and victimisation to arrest and charge a 92-year-old man for such a simple offence. There is nothing morally wrong with this man smoking a spliff; the only thing wrong is that it is still on the law books," said Chevannes.
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