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Originally Posted by Sir X View Post
Or is it you dont know how to,look The Jlp has learnt how to govern,kudos to Andrew he is more assured and has a voice ,the country needed a viable opposition.Competition is healthy and i like what i see but trust me we have a far way to go before i can call this progress.

He is building on the pnp plans for infrastructure,good, he needs to seal his own legacy by being the anti corruption P.M,failure to do that will see him out after he wins the next geneal election.

The PNP will dump peter, run on a anti corruption campaign and win,leaving you to bawwl about lack of progress.Forgetting he had his chance.
Learned how to govern? Better government X ... no beatin' round the bush. You can refuse to call it progress ...I recall when folks used to be chanting "Logon to Progress!" round here .....seems quite comical now.

Building on PNP plans? Yeah ... everything was in the pipeline ... but as the PM pointed out last month ... they laid the pipes for a project ... but never connect it. PNP gov't talk about "it" ...better gov't implement "it".

Integrity Commission came into being under whose watch? Peter? X .. just watch better gov't at work.
"Jamaica's future reflects its past, having attained only one per cent annual growth over 30 years whilst neighbours have grown at five per cent." (Article)
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