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"Star balla" & Zardes must NEVER be in the same sentence.

"Tyad legs" is one thing, BUT if you're going to select Bradley, at this stage of his career, it's more for his leadership & helping to guide the young players, but I can't remember him doing anything like that, for club or country.

Berhalter reminding me of Klinsmann & Arena, with his roster selections & plans to play some players in positions that will benefit their favorite players.
Duane Holmes (24 year-old midfielder, from Columbus, GA) should have been selected:
Romain Gall (24 year-old forward, good with both feet) should have been selected:
Shaquell Moore (22 year-old right-back) deserves a call up.
Joel Sonora (22 year-old midfielder/forward) deserves a call up.
Russell Canouse (23 year-old midfielder) deserves a call up.
***Omar Gonzalez, slow & error prone, is a wasted selection. Walker Zimmerman, 5 years younger and impressed at the January camp & friendlies, would have been a far better selection.

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