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Yes, sometimes Mozilla has problems with doing certain things on the forum. It seem to work fine now, you get an update and then everything goes crazy.
There was a time i was seeing that I would be logged in and can see the post window, but i could not enter any text there. If I chose the "Go Advanced", then everything worked just fine.

We have a couple updates to do for this forum. Maybe when we get around to doing it, it will fix those FireFox issues.

TK, FireFox is a good browser anyhow. Every browser will have issues from time to time with some page. For example, there are times when I cannot logon to the internet (broadband) with IE. I switch to FireFox and everything is just fine.

The thing some folks need to learn is to be flexible and if one browser is not working as you would like, then switch to another. Presently I have IE, FireFox, Netscape and Opera on my computer and I am not afraid to switch to another if one is malfunctioning.
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