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Default Colla/Colour

You were one of the few who have asked abouthow we can progress Jamaican foootball forward. As well I see you have been very proactive with your high school program trying to get it to moving forward.

I would like to make a very strong reading recommendation for you that I believe is exactly what you are looking for. There is a book called the The SoccerCoaching Bible written by the Staff at the NSCAA. It has excellent information for coaches who are looking to build a program. Whether it is a college program or a club program it is all in this book.

It discusses numerous thing like creating a Full Service Club, setting up budgets, volunteers, staff, building a recruiting network, organizing the different levels of your club, how to find players, developing a feeder system for your school, marketing and promoting your program,hosting special events, building publicity, getting the community involved.....let's just say forpeople like you and me who coach at a youth level the resource is invaluable and really gives a great guide on how tobuilda footballprogram or club. Real professional stuff that you can apply to Titchfield.

Check it out.You won't be dissapointed.- T.K.
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