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Originally Posted by Don1 View Post
Si ISSA realize the obvious yahnow Fryas Cup dem fi call dat

All dem whole heapa Walker Cup unnu ave nuh equal 1 Manning tikle in reality... Consolation prize dat name - Now it's "official"
Memba mi tole yuh dat fram 20HowLong.
Don Prophet

Schoolboy football KO cup to take a hit amid changes

The prestigious Walker and Ben Francis Cup knockout competitions, which have been staples of traditional schoolboy football triple crown supremacy, have been virtually watered down to second-tier tournaments for the 2018 season.

Instead of having the top teams vie for the knockout cups, those competitions will be contested amongst teams eliminated at fairly early stages of the respective Manning and daCosta Cup competitions, the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) announced during yesterday's schoolboy football launch at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.
It's ISSA version of a two tier system. Let's hope that the historians record the new winners as Walker Cup (B) and Ben Francis Cup (B)
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