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As usual you miss the point. The issue is not whether prostitution exists now or not. It exists and will always exist.

The proposal is the creation of a legalized prostitution industry...Going as far as dedicating an entire parish to the sex for money trade. Only an addled brain could support such madness in JA.

If prostitution is legalized it will undoubtedly expand massively especially given Jamaica's corrupt and lawless environment.

Given also the horrible education shitstem and negative job prospects (for desirable jobs - not servants or trinket sellers) nuff young girls would leave school to become prostitutes. Why stay in front of teachers when you can use your front to make a multiple of what teachers make????

Jamaica would become a global magnet for the depraved and would be even more overrun by perverts and predators than it is now. Man a chat bout Holland - Those folks happen to obey laws.. Jamaicans are the opposite.

Some seem to have the insane idea that legal prostitution in JA would be subject to "rules". The only rule such a thing would be subject to is the LAW OF THE JUNGLE. That's what Jamaica largely lives by.

Nuff police, politicians & dons would be running prostitution rings and protection rackets and getting fat off that. Just as they run illegal route taxis or drugs now.

Legalized prostitution would assure the increased moral decay of an already profoundly immoral/amoral country.

Y'all need your heads examined to even contemplate such stupidity - much less to support it. This proposal proves the adage: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
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