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Originally Posted by Don1 View Post
Last time I checked the year is 2018. We’re approaching the 3rd decade of the 21st Century where robots and other forms of automation are beginning to run the entire planet

The fact that a quiz - only suitable for mid 20th Century pursuits - is “coveted” -is a symbol of the country’s backwardness. This is an indictment on the “educated class” and a national embarrassment. It shows the ocean of ignorance that has to be navigated before Jamaicans get conscious of 21st Century reality and aware of the imperative to reform its education shitstem to match the era we live in today 😫😫

But help is on di wayyy... TOOT!! TOOT!!! AAAALLLLLL ABOARDDDD!!!!
The Manning Cup is also coveted. School challenge quiz is just another sport.
The same type of thinking that created a problem cannot be used to solve the problem.
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