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Originally Posted by Sir X View Post
Babylon has no shame in giving its motives away,its as if they have a birth right to pilage no question asked.

'By tying concessional finance to the use of Chinese contractors and Chinese imported labour, China has forced out many Western contractors who cannot compete with the cheap Chinese credit being offered.'

>>>For example, British construction firm Kier was forced to exit both the Caribbean and Hong Kong three years ago, at an estimated loss of 72million, in part because of competition from China.<<<<

In other words the interest rates on your loan will have us running back to refinance it or look for another loan from another one of your banks, IMF, Word or Inter America to pay interest on the construction/infrastructure for another 100 years.

Thank the lawwwd fi Missa chin at least wi get the infrastructure and wi can pay back di man dem.
You ever see a teef wid shame. Especially a British or French teef. They were and still the salt of the earth. Total scumbags. Yet black people in general and Africans in particular allow them to continue stealing.
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