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So the decline of the West that has been obvious (to a few) and stated here repeatedly for over a decade should now be apparent even to the extremely ignorant i.e. Dummies.

The problem for the Caribbean is the absence of a collective strategy to manage the emerging global order which is rapidly shifting East. The Caribbean should have a united front and play West vs East effectively to maximize benefits. That's what intelligent people do.

Instead the dummy Caribbean governments allow the Wicked West and Evil East to easily divide countries from each other with Trojan Horses filled with insincere and self-serving gifts. Jamaica is especially disappointing in falling for this Babylon game given its experience. The fact that so many are impressed ...for example... with Chinese folks building stadia largely using Chinese labor is instructive.

Such trinkets can get more media play than the building/development of ports

We're witnessing a classic Babylon divide and rule power game which Black folks always fall for. When will we understand and learn to play the game??

Beyond disappointing

Recognizing the victims of Jamaica's horrendous criminality and exposing the Dummies supporting criminals by their deeds.. or their silence.

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