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Default RE: A DVD recommendation for parents

Sensi (3/22/2007)Haile bredrin! Is this a football DVD? If so where can it be purchased? Thanks in advance.
Hey Sensi sorry for taking so long with a response. I just noticed your post now. Yes it is a football DVD. You can get it at Click the "DVDs" tab and then select "individual skill development". From therelook for the DVD called "One on One Coaching for Parent and Player" (Roger Wilkinson). It is towards the middle of the page. When you order it just get it by regular mail. I find thatit comesjust as quicklyas theexpress delivery. Save the change.

There is also a 2nd DVD called "Advanced One on One Coaching" but don't get that if you plan to only buy one. The first one is absolute gold. Hope this helps! - T.K.
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