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Rockman January 13th, 2021 01:39 AM

Jangle, revisiting Rio and Vidic.
A keeper should take control of his six yards box, being able to use his hands(fully stretched gives him height advantage over the tallest opponent)and referees tend to gift him special protection there.
Similarly, the aforementioned pair of former defenders took control of the box(in their case the entire 18), both normally well positioned to counter the greatest threat.
THAT and other things made me question the abilities of Lindelof and MaGuire.I often asked myself where they are if, incidents after incidents, we see Pogba and Wan Bissaka called upon to make the crucial tackle.
Bailly is a darn good defender, he was a Professor today.
Yeah, it is another mention of Mensah,he makes amend on getting a second bite at the apple, I have not seen anyone as agile and swift like him at back pedaling and robbing an opponent of a scoring opportunities.
Please have an open mind about Mensah figuring, I like players because of unique attributes.

We are still stuck in first gear yet the EPL is ours to lose, if we become a little better(scoring at will)surely we will win.

Reasoning on the perch.

Jangle January 13th, 2021 01:22 PM

The partnership between McGuire and Lindelhof is weak. McGuire is the far better of the two as lindelhof is very weak in the air and he's barely faster. I'm very happy to see Bailly playing and raising his game, but watching him gives me butterflies because of his history with injuries. If he can stay healthy and settle down a tad bit, then the combination with McGuire will make us near air-tight.

Mensah never did anything to impress me during his time at the club. I viewed his return to the club with an open mind and he just proved me right.

The Lillyfool game will tell us everything we need to know about where we can finsih this season. Right now, they are still the favorites.

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