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Sir X March 24th, 2019 10:01 AM

Calabar: The Response to the beating

Sir X March 24th, 2019 10:12 AM

The physics teacher is a liad,im thief the track coach cots,as per the investigation.Those boys were sent there by the track coach to retrieve those cots.

If Im thief,im lie,suh im will kill.Nothing more than two elders one a teach the other a coach using children as pawns to fight over cots.

This idiot openly states 60 students invaded his lab,he has video and only 2 he wants suspended.Calabar investigation cannot find no evidence he was assaulted and they have witnesses who could testify for Mr Shaw,his own students.

Di bredda a liad.If dem aguh ban,ban all a dem,teacher,coach and track team and physics student ,after all dem inna di tiefing cot business,im nuh muss ave dem a help him carry dem.

Jangle March 25th, 2019 07:38 AM

Oral Tracey | Deeper than sponge mattresses

Having heard the details of the incident from the teacherís perspective, as well as the video released, there was conspicuously no direct evidence of a physical assault. There was a verbal exchange between the teacher, who narrated his filming of the event, and a group of students that included Russell and Taylor. Certainly, from the exhibits, there was no proof of anything earth-shattering, certainly not in keeping with the stories told by the teacher. The most poignant fact of this particular matter to date is that Calabar did act by suspending both Russell and Taylor for one week for their part in the incident, as was its prerogative, right, and responsibility.

Sir X March 25th, 2019 08:53 AM

Too simple !

He left out the most salient point and so did the physics teacher in his press conference .He stole the cots .This came out in the investigation.

* I was advised that the incident surrounded the removal, by Mr. Shaw, who was hosting a Physics camp, of mattresses being used by the track & field team and a subsequent attempt to retrieve them by members of the track & field cohort.*

After having a colorful exchange with the coach,this administrator (teacher) escalated it by stealing cots! My question is ,did he have help from his students to do so ?

My other question is, did the other administrator (coach) tell the boys to "retrieve" the cots.

My conclusion giving the colorful language,egos and testosterone involved, I would not be surprised if they both used these boys (child abuse) to justify thier ignorant behavior, only to throw the boys under the boys.

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