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Jangle August 6th, 2019 06:13 AM

Jamaica 57 | Emancipendence far from complete
Fifty-seven years after the British monarchy gave us nominal political independence and 181 after being released from physical bondage, we have the fastest set of sprinters on Earth. We gave to the world ska, reggae, and dancehall and an indigenous syncretic religion that is more popular than Christianity was at its age. We have possibly the most robust democracy in the Americas. Jamaica is a paradox, a liger, a cross between a lion and a tigress, a creature with a confused identity. Yet, it is not a little ***** cat; it is bigger and more powerful than either parent. This is often what you get when you create hybrids. It is called hybrid vigour.

Our colonial past has kept our minds focused northwards. Therefore, we still have a skewed, romanticised view of the ‘Motherland’ and are hooked on the pomp and pageantry that her majesty’s forefathers bequeathed unto us. After all, we are still British subjects, not British citizens. Similarly, we share the ‘American dream’, are ‘foreign minded’ and have a sort of inferiority complex regarding the United States (US), to such an extent that even when the evidence is standing in front of us like a ZOSO policeman, we ignore it.

Still, it is our colonial and enslaved minds that prevent us from calling a spade a shovel. True, we have embarrassed ourselves with myriad scandals across administrations, and yes, there is corruption in government.

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