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Rockman January 10th, 2021 11:10 AM

My fellow Manuligans .
My biggest gripe has to do with not sticking to the 4-4-2 formation,and it isn't as if any of the other formations implemented achieved the objective.
I think we are asking too much of our wingbacks when we field a side devoid of wingers,and because of their limitations , we are in essence, stifling the offense.
Bruno, the pundits favourite, is prone to making errant passes,why that shenanigan goes unnoticed is because he normally caps it off by eventually making a crucial pass,last time around that did not happen.
He isn't an ideal midfielder or a #9, pales in comparison to Scholes and I do not see him fostering the partnership Yorke had with Cole.He has to do MUCH better.
The best defense is a good offense, ergo, empowering the offense is the way to go.
Two midfielders (McTominay and van de Beek) , two strikers (Cavani and Greenwood or Bruno), two wingers (Rashford,choose from Martial, Diallo, or James).
Telles(Shaw in games we need to bolster the defense) and Bissaka .
Bailly and MaGuire as the pair of central defenders, and DeGea.
Let us have have another look at Mensah too.

Westman January 10th, 2021 11:29 AM

Here is reality for us. We need to focus on just being in the top 4 and not think of winning the league. If we finish above 4th, then great. If we finish below 4th, that will be awful.

We have a manager with a learners license and we dont have a defense.

I love my side but I will stay grounded in reality.

Rockman January 10th, 2021 11:37 AM

True, but we have to put our best foot forward AND fail before I remove our lads from being a viable contender for the EPL title.
As far as I am concerned, it is the only thing we have a chance of winning.
Between me and you, I think being in the FA Cup and Europa thingy are a waste of time, with the only possible advantage being afforded the opportunity to tweak the chosen EPL side.
Execution and work ethic are killing us, those are things easily changed.

Assasin January 10th, 2021 12:25 PM

Bruno makes some errant pass but he also make some very good one. Ole know that you are going have to give the attacking mid a chance to create and it will result in some losses but as long as he is in the game making the run and trying, scoring and assisting he will be there.

Also before Bruno came there were just too many back and side passes from Manu. The team would have the ball for most of the game dominating possession but it was in their own half. When you are wining you don't change unless you have reason to.

Rockman January 10th, 2021 12:58 PM

Let us start with your last sentence,winning can misleading , case in point, we have won games the manner of which suggested we would not be as awful as we were against City.
Besides, those wins would be more comprehensive had we put our best foot forward.
We have cut the slacks, Assasin.

Jangle January 10th, 2021 04:37 PM

I disagree with most of your post here. OGS came into the job with limited experience, however, Iíve seen tremendous growth in his coaching. One of his biggest achievement to date, is changing the culture of the changing room. For years the club was full of too many high salaries prima-donnas. We are seeing a developing team spirit from the players which is the foundation of title challenges. Now we are seeing the players playing for each other and sharing the ball, albeit a little too much at times.

The modern game demands attacking fullbacks. No successful side in todayís football uses the 4-4-2 formation consistently. The reason for this is the rise of the importance of the flying wingbacks. Cavani looks to be a more effective substitute than a 90 minute player. I believe Greenwood is a number 9 rather than a winger. The problem, however, is that heís not quite ready for the position. He needs to bulk up and also learn more about moving into spaces. Rashford and Martial are right-footed wingers who are more effective playing the same position - left side.

Bruno is the best thing to happen to the club since Ronaldo. He is a hurricane of fresh air. Without him we are nothing and I am worried about our over-reliance on him. If we want attacking football, we have to take a few errant passes from our chief playmaker. Brunoís qualities goes beyond his performance on the field. He is a natural leader of men who possesses a barrel full of humility. I like how heís encouraging Pogba to bring out his best and to become more of a team player.

The Timothy Fasu-Mensah movie is a dud. Weíve been watching that movie for the past six years and itís a failure.

Rockman January 11th, 2021 10:27 AM

A hear yuh, Jangle.
The fans play a role in OGS development, way before he was appointed, we demanded that we revert to our traditional attacking style, incidentally , that was missing in the game against City, and likely, with dire consequences.We,ergo, have a responsibility to love what is good for him and hate what is bad.
As to Bruno, all I am asking is his flaws be recognised in order for it to be rectified.
We were pathetic against City, and that has to change.
It was an indictment against the formation, we offered nothing going forward, and that is a shame given we have capable players upfront.
There was a time in which we could count on Rashford averaging a goal every two games, Greenwood scoring every three games, and Martial doing better, why the drop in productivity across the board?

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