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The Coaches' Forum Forum for exchanging and discussng ideas of football coaching.

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March 14th, 2014 until April 30th, 2020
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Third Party Article Posting

Dear RBSC Forumites:
Recently we have received a number of complaints from websites regarding the use of their articles on our forum. Requests have been made to remove such articles which the owners have claimed are infringing on their copyrights, as a result of the reposing their articles without permission. Most notably, we have had a case of a cease and desist order from a well known and well read Jamaican publication website regarding our use of their articles.

With this in mind and considering the legal ramifications that could result from ignoring these requests, the RBSC will be changing the policy on how third party articles are posted on the forum with immediate effect.

If you choose to post a third party article, please do so in the following manner. Paste the title and an introduction to the article (a short paragraph or two at most) and a link to the original article on the copyright owner's website. This is usually acceptable by most copyright owners and could be taken to be in line with the “Fair Use Rule”, for when using of copyrighted material can be considered acceptable. There could be some copyright owners who may still find this approach not to their liking.

The RBSC does not have the resources to continually monitor every posting on the forum to ensure compliance. Please be advised that in situations where we receive a complaint that an article that has been posted violates the rights of the copyright holder, the offending article will be deleted immediately. Users who choose to ignore this request and continue to post full articles will have their post containing full articles deleted by the forum moderators as they come across them.

Please be mindful of the situation and its potential for this to be a problem for us as a community. Your cooperation in this regard would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club (RBSC)

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