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Training Girls and Women 1 (2981-RB)

Training Girls and Women 1

65 minutes

Featuring April Heinrichs- Head Coach- Women's US National team. In the world of women's soccer, no one can match the combined experience of April Heinrichs as a player and coach. 'Training Girls and Women to Win' is a 3-part series in which girls and women soccer players and coaches, under the direction of Coach Heinrichs, demonstrate a series of skills and drills for both youth and advanced players. Each tape includes sections on the technical, tactical, physical and psycological aspects of soccer, as well as exciting Women's World Cup footage featuring the top U.S. women players in action.

Tape 1
-Youth Passing
-Advanced Passing
-Youth Receiving
-Advanced Receiving

-Youth 1v1 Attacking
-Advanced 1v1 Attacking
-Youth 2v1 Attacking
-Advanced 2v1 Attacking

-Economical Training

-Goal Setting

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