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Developing Youth Soccer Players (1192-RB)

Developing Youth Soccer Players

215 pages

By Horst Wein

Tap the full potential of your players as they grow and learn the game. Developing Youth Soccer Players addresses the mental and physical levels of players ages 7 through 14 and provides coaches of each age group a tailor-made program of simplified games and corrective teaching methods based on the internationally acclaimed soccer development model.

Chapter 1 - the natural development of young players
Chapter 2 - a successful approach to coaching soccer
Chapter 3 - games for basic abilities and capacities- level 1
Chapter 4 - games for mini soccer- level 2
Chapter 5 - games for 7 on 7 soccer- level 3
Chapter 6 - developing youth goalkeepers- level 3
Chapter 7 - games for 8 on 8 soccer- level 4
Chapter 8 - taking soccer into the future

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