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Soccer Tactics and Skills (1010-RB)

Soccer Tactics and Skills

236 pages

By Charles Hughes. Presented by the English Football Association. This book is very much concerned with explaining how to practice correctly. whether the practice is related to a basic technique or to a tactical situation in a full game. The importance of correct attitudes is reinforced throughout the book. Charles Hughes properly makes the point that if coaches can bring about an improvement in attitude, that represents the biggest and quickest source of improvement at either individual or team level.

This book deals with the elements and principles involved with the techniques and tactics of the game, how to organize to practice those techniques and tactics correctly, how to develop the practices from the most basic of the full game, and the key factors for coaches to observe.

Chapter 1 - systems of play
Chapter 2 - principles of learning and coaching
Chapter 3 - creating space as an individual
Chapter 4 - creating space as a team
Chapter 5 - passing and support
Chapter 6 - attacking- flank and diagonal crosses
Chapter 7 - attacking- central positions
Chapter 8 - shooting- attitude, technique and skill
Chapter 9 - shooting- speed, skill and combined play
Chapter 10 - goalkeeping- shot stopping and supporting the defense
Chapter 11 - goalkeeping- crosses and distribution
Chapter 12 - defending- as an individual
Chapter 13 - defending- as a team
Chapter 14 - set plays- defending
Chapter 15 - set plays- attacking

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