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The Everything Jamaica Forum This forum is for topics Jamaican or international/world issues which members may have an interest in discussing.

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Old June 25th, 2020, 06:13 PM
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Default Tourism and Technology

all sourced and ready for them.
X you can fact check if you like.

Let me start by saying Travel has always called for newer technology, whether from Canoe days or from Donkey days.
OK let us look at one of the first automated system and computer networking system
The only other one which was maybe more sophisticated was the one used by the US government. I can remember when Travel agents use to use this Sabre system and had to pay American Airline or another which I canít remember the name. So when you went up a New Kingston and book your one way ticket you may not remember the technology.

Second is as you see the shutdown of World travel you realize how much farmers, manufacturers and producer of goods are dependent on people travelling. This I am talking about basic goods here. Here is the effect on food and beverage which is a large part of the travel industry.

Let us look at the car industry and you will see companies like Hertz filing bankruptcy. The rent a car business which is one of the major buyers of car will not be doing a lot of buying and will flood the market. Now that will result in delayed technology and layoff of a lot of engineers and other workers. Rent a car industry has been one of the biggest support of car technology

This is the effect on the aero industry. Again the travel industry is the number 1 supporter of aero technology as it purchase more than any government. There is massive layoff of managers, engineers and workers. Spare parts are in shortage as fleets are on the ground. So not only the airline layoff but also their suppliers.

Let us talk about the e-commerce from technology and this article was only talking about Feb and March so you get the idea. Tourism is one of the biggest seller on the Internet and you canít deny.
Again this mean people get laid off and less new sites and sales going up right now. App builders take a rest.

Now to hotels. Not only is booking postposed so too is many projects which support the newest building Technologies and Airport projects. These are all related to Travel and Tourism. If people are not travelling there is no need for them. That mean not only tourism works but construction workers, Engineers, less airport workers of all kind.
I am not even talking about government taxes and more.

Let me end by talking about Apple. Do did you realize the amount of low skilled workers Apple have through Contractors like Foxconn and other technicians they contract? How many workers are in their retail store worldwide??? Yes they have some very high skilled worker but many of their average worker get average competitive salaries. Same for Amazon so when you talk about lows skill donít act like they are not in technology. I see them every day.
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