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The Coaches' Forum Forum for exchanging and discussng ideas of football coaching.

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Old April 22nd, 2012, 09:30 PM
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Default Creating and Scoring More Goals a Players Dream

The 20%-30%-50% Passing Concept in Attack By Paul Banta - GSM Guatemala and Jamaica Youth Academies 4/22/2012

The concept in attacking football is to keep possession to create opportunities to score goals as fast as possible. Playing slow is of no value to create and score goals. Slow to medium attacking pace is antiquated and no longer has a place in any players development in either small sided games to 11 vs. 11 match playing conditions. The concept is not a slow build up with 6-10 passes and not get the ball into your team final attacking zone with this approach. By this approach the opposing team can close down attacking spaces in your final third leaving your players less scoring chances. As long as your team plays slow it means that youíve trained them to be slow, not play and think fast and believe that the passing game is the answer to developing possession and then from there we can score goals.

This is no longer a concept in modern attacking football and has to be forgotten. Even when you are winning the ball in your half of the field playing slow or even backwards could put your players under the risk of losing it to the opposition. Training your players to run fast without the ball or with it passing fast and go forward puts pressure on the opposing team defending eleven and creates more opportunities for goals for your team.

In reality it is what the players want. Goals are about the game and this is what we as coachesí work so hard in our training sessions to produce. If coachesí training sessions are about passing more than scoring goals simply expect to be on the short end of the scoring chart at the end of the match and season.

We are asking our coaches to teach our players to take positive passing risk going forward. To do this our players need to see those opportunities to go forward before they receive possession of the football from a team mate. Training players to see opportunities visual is really necessary to create opportunities to score goals. If players are not trained to see how best to serve balls forward and technically execute a variety of passes this is really not football, but rather a game of pass to me and Iíll pass back to you because I donít where to go as I did not see anything forward of great value ahead of time and I really donít want to now take a risk on losing it, because the coach may not like that.

If a player knows they can serve a ball in behind one of the opposing team backs to a forward it is the pass to execute rather than to the forward feet who is standing in front of a defending back. By passing beyond and behind the defending backs thereís less chance for the back to close down the forward in front of them in attack and more chances of create a goal opportunity. The more opportunities created potentially more goals.

Playerís today do not know enough about this concept, how it works and how to make it happen in practice sessions. They see the game historical or locally a more attractive game (these are the words we hear) in just keeping the ball in their own half, taking the opposing player on with too many 1 vs. 1 situations and this is negative football. They know of nothing else and they do not see it as negative. If coaches donít see this as negative how can it be reveal to players.

What the future of this attacking and defending game?

As long as you ask your players to keep the ball through passing donít expect them to score goals. Many years ago when taking USSF coaching courses we were taught there where to ways to attack. One was a slow build up requiring multiple amount s of passing (I could never figure that one out) and the second one was called a quick counter attack. When shown to us it was about 6-8 passes successfully down field trying to go forward and that never seem to get the job done as well as the opposition seem to get behind the attacking team and again not many opportunities created. So the world is ever changing concerning tactics, at what speed to play, what shape of playing system in attack to use, changing a team system, what is our individual and small playing groups style we do it and what system or approach to defending teams who are attempting to score goals on your team.

Our approach in GSM Academies is that 1-2 or maybe three passes take place before the ball is serve either into passes ahead of an attacker teammates who can carry or play the ball down field with the freedom of no immediate pressure of an opposing player or better yet playing a ball in the space just behind defending midfielders or defending backs to a team mate running past that player to control and posses that pass and repeat if possible or shot on goal.

So then our GSM coaches staff we come to training prepared to coach our players with the concept of no more than 20% of your team possession time on the ball going forward should be 20% services to feet, 30% of your team possession time on the ball services should be into a space a team mate is attacking into (playing the ball ahead of him/her so they have to run on to it and possess it) and lastly 50% of your team possession time on the ball should be played in the space behind an opposing team defending midfielders or backs. Attacking players should actual look for opportunities to get passes in and behind defending back with priority as there should be enough space to create better chances to score goals, break down the opposing teams back (defenders) physically and play the game as it's meant to be.

The earlier you start your player thinking and training this concept (ages 7/8 through 10/11) the better they will have been prepared to move from youth through senior football. Without a strong coaching education program and a player academy developmental program in the early stage of youth development you will be throwing away the development of the game that really matter......scoring goals. Remain in the past expect the many goals.

Remember in a match for youth teams of 60 minute for two halves your team normally would be in possession at a max of 30 minutes (senior football a bit more). So youíve got 30 minutes on the ball and if your training sessions are centered around teaching your player the 20% - 30% - 50% you will educate your players in special match related training ideas to think and visualize going forward (mental attacking) toward a better way to attack physically as individuals and in attacking groups to create and score goals. Your players will move their match abilities to a higher level of play with their future in the game and as the football trainer you'll enjoy developing players this way in attack.
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