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450 more trainees graduate from JCTI today

ANOTHER 450 hospitality workers, who have been trained and certified by the Jamaica Centre for Tourism Innovation (JCTI), will graduate from the institution today.

The ceremony is slated for Montego Bay Convention Centre in St James, and will bring to 640 the total number of graduates since the facility was established in 2017, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has said.

Bartlett emphasised that a highly trained hospitality labour force will bolster competitiveness and employment opportunities for workers, particularly at the supervisory and management levels.

“This [training] is important for workers, to give you quality middle staff. We went to the high schools for the first time in our history, and, last year, we started in the fifth and sixth forms at 33 schools across Jamaica. For the first time, [come] May 2020, we will have 640 Jamaican high school students with associate degrees, ready for entry level into the tourism industry,” he said.

Bartlett reiterated that the ministry, in partnership with The University of the West Indies, will establish its first-ever Graduate School of Tourism in Montego Bay by 2020.

Bartlett said the push to undertake the highest level of training in tourism is designed to “enable us to respond and to be nimble in terms of the digital transformation that is taking place in the industry today”.
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