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Some game Lindenlof had, how on earth will he fare against Messi?
For me, the question is Lindelof or Smalling,it goes without saying, Bailly has to start.
Just maybe, this will be a breakout game for Sanchez, he will have to do it coming off the bench though.
The Pogba acquisition adds a n additional wealth of experience to Man U team, Lingard and Martial are a must in order to put our best foot forward.
Perfectly okay with Shaw but we have a decision to make regarding starting Dalot or Young.
Also , we NEED Herrera.
It is not as if Barca has dominated the matchups against Man U, we have to apply two different strategies, one tailored for the home game and another for the away one.
Have a feeling Pereira will figure in the home one because of his propensity to go forward, and Fred in the away one to bother Dembele(sp).
We have a strategist in OGS though.
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