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He will be a genius if his intention is to have Man U bend over backward to get him whosoever he wants during the Summer.
Here is the thing,if our keepers were unworthy, given he could always depend on his keeper during the many years he played for Man U,he would have definitely upgraded that position, instilling confidence and parroting club pride would not have been enough.
Let us forget about the starting lineup,how about strengthening our bench?
OGS is of the opinion getting someone during the January transfer would have been inconsequential in the final analysis, we would have won games even more convincingly but all three points would be already guaranteed.
He is looking to build superstars, and the emphasis will be placed on the position he will most likely be effective, the forward line.
The only way he will not buy players during the Summer is if we win the CL.
Only our youngsters will be safe.
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