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Originally Posted by Stonigut View Post
Very nice, you doing a good job with this. I did Talk with my Cbar IT bredrin on this but he is already pretty fully committed.

Post the main link page for the robotics program in this section for me, I lost it in the torrent of posts the last time.
One or two people stateside need to develop a project proposal...and link up with a solid person in JA with strong Cbar links. I like to start at the top.. board chairman, principal or alumni president...get them sold on the idea and filter downwards from there to the on-the-ground operations people.

You could start the entire process by an on site demo... I can assist by arranging a visit to Cbar by the JC team. That might spark a flame

Here's the link to the thread discussing this issue...

This slide deck is the best single resource breaking down how to do robotics in JA....

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