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You persist in pushing Jamaican women to engage in prostitution as a business model. You're on record as promoting the entire St Thomas parish as a sex zone for tourists. This is despicable. The fact that you find and parrot a fellow brain-addled moron with a similar view doesn't make the view any less dumb.

I understand that many will support anything that makes money - but as a development model sex as a business is not a winning 21st century formula. So even on that practical basis it's a moronic idea.

What drives development nowadays is the acquisition of appropriate KNOWLEDGE and its application in modern product or service development/maintenance/transit/sale. It is the rapid and comprehensive increase in Jamaica's knowledge base that will assure real & lasting prosperity - Not tourism, sex-trafficking nor trinket-selling.

Given Jamaica's (and Black people as a whole) experience with the "business model" of economic exploitation and grotesque sexual violation by Europeans since the slavery era.. the idea of an apparently sensible Jamaican promoting sex trafficking as an economic "development model" is telling:

Lack of awareness of history and its meaning - Low self-esteem - Low expectations of Black people - A backward & mercenary approach to development.. etc etc Pick yuh choice... I just choose moron

However everyone is entitled to their beliefs - no matter how retarded the beliefs may be
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