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=Time;587925]It is a very popular recreation sport because it does not require expensive equipment and it generates publicity on TV.
SCQ is popular because people find it and the associated HS rivalries to be fascinating.

This fascination with a quiz (the ultimate expression of rote learning & regurgitation of mostly useless info) is at adds with 21st century REALITY. In this century both work and education are shifting rapidly to doing & making i.e APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE. Swotting and then emitting facts is USELESS

So a QUIZ fascination is symbolic of BACKWARD THINKING. It's not complicated

Fear not, your time will come. The cost of producing robots will decrease every year and with your help robotics competitions will be live on TV.
No fear here...just work towards fundamental change

And it's not about "my time" whatever that may mean. It's about "Jamaica's time" - to join the 21st century and start to build a structure that can support progress & prosperity with 15-20 years
The best way to predict the future, is to create it

Caribbean National Robotics Champs - Not a useless Schools Quiz - A School Technology Challenge
Project TEAM Works - Creating Jamaica's 21st Century Workforce
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