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The inaugural Chapter - Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club, Inc. (USA) and the second formed Chapter - Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club Ltd. of Jamaica, are presently the only Chapters. In time, we expect to have chapters throughout the entire world.

History: Conceived on Paul Marin's "" Internet discussion forum, the idea of the Supporterz Club was driven by a burning desire of Jamaicans at home and abroad to take our passionate support for the Reggae Boyz to new heights. Brainstorming via e-mail and fax, with the occasional phone call thrown in, a myriad of ideas were bandied about. Gradually, the outline of a dream began to take shape. The tireless resolve and resourcefulness of dedicated individuals, coupled with the collective effort of the "Forum Massive", eventually bore fruit. The rest, as they say, is history.

Personnel: Enthusiastic, multi-talented individuals in Jamaica and the USA make up the staff of the Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club. Among their ranks are individuals with in-depth knowledge of football and a passion for the game. Many also possess expertise in several key areas, including marketing, public relations, administration, travel and finance, to name a few. Able assistance is provided by an army of avid fans, whose ardent support and dedication are unmatched anywhere. Spanning three generations, our members will ensure that our zeal and hope for the future is tempered with the wisdom and experience of the past.

Terms Of Membership: We do have a one-time initiation fee of $10 to join and yearly dues of $20. This small contribution will assist us in providing the services as listed in the Constitution and goals. The Club's primary goal is to transform each and every venue where the Reggae Boyz plays into a home atmosphere within which the Reggae Boyz can overcome their opponents. We hope you will travel far and wide with us to Reggae Boyz games and encourage you to be as vocal and enthusiastic for the team at all times.

The U.S.A. Chapter: The Reggae Boyz Supporterz Club, Inc. (USA Chapter) was established on December 8, 1999 as a Not-For-Profit social club. We are currently in the process of becoming certified as a Not-For-Profit 5 (c) 3 corporation. Our primary focus is to provide strong and visible support to the Reggae Boyz, particularly at their games throughout the CONCACAF region. Join Us. (See our Chapter And Dues Page)

What are the goals of the RBSC?

    - Enhance fan visibility at Away games - Improve the image of players and fans, hence broadening the supporter base to include Jamaicans from all walks of life

    - Improve the dissemination of match and tournament information to fans -Arrange charter flights for fans to attend games You can be sure that the USA will never play us again in a city like Washington, D.C. We must organize to effectively support our team wherever they play. Wherever the Reggae Boyz play, we intend to transform that stadium into a home atmosphere that is truly intimidating to our opponents.
    - Organize, plan or support games abroad for the benefit of Jamaican teams. - Establish a partnering relationship with the JFF and local clubs to facilitate a level of mutual respect and common goals.

    - Identify talent worldwide for possible tryouts with the national team

    - Liaise between clubs and their supporters with a view to have clubs become more community conscious
    - Fight for equitable ticket pricing and allocation
    - Effect a change in attitude by the JFF towards the supporters.

Why is there a membership fee?
In order to offset certain costs that will inevitably be incurred in working towards our goals we have set what we consider a very reasonable one-time initiation fee of $10 and yearly dues of $20. In addition, your dues will help to maintain the website and purchase match items such as banners and flags. The issue of fees and dues will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting.

What are the benefits?
Membership will offer you: - Welcome package, including official RBSC T-shirt (US Chapter) - Frequent bulletins regarding group travel discounts, match results and upcoming games. - The satisfaction in knowing that you are assisting in the development of football in Jamaica. In the near future, we hope to be able to offer: - Group airline rates to Reggae Boyz games and other travel arrangements - Guaranteed ticket allocation to FIFA-sanctioned Reggae Boyz games in the USA.

How do I become a member? After reading the Constitution and Terms of Membership, please fill out "the Registration Form carefully and completely, and then click on 'Join'. The information you provide will never be forwarded. Membership is not limited to the Internet crew. Please print this page and share with interested friends.

"We promise to operate with total honesty and to be a totally transparent organization. Members may request a copy of the Club’s financial records at any time As a member you have a say in how your money is spent. We implore of you to become an active member by voting on issues and closely reading your Club correspondence. Please do not hesitate to email us at with your concerns at any time. Our Hot Line is also open 24 hours a day. The RBSC does not tolerate racism, sexism, hooliganism or violence of any kind within its organization or at games. "

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